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What is the Preamble Institute?

The Preamble Institute (Pi) will provide undergraduate leaders within our fraternity the unique opportunity to work with other undergraduate leaders from Charges across North America during an intense weekend of training and educational sessions. Pi will give participants a setting to define and improve leadership skills, fully understand Theta Delta Chiís values and ritual, and to develop values-based plans of action for their Charges. Attending brothers will leave Pi with a stronger commitment to Theta Delta Chi and a strong network of fraternal peers to aid them in the future.

What else should participants expect?

Pi was designed to make the most of the participants time while in attendance. Attendees should expect early mornings and late nights during this interactive weekend. Participants will be exposed to large and small group activities aimed to create a fun developmental atmosphere. Participants should also expect the best Theta Delta Chi has to offer in programming, with excellent outside speakers, strong facilitators, and an in-depth curriculum.

Pi will be a substance free experience. All brothers participating in Pi will be expected to remain alcohol and drug free during the duration of the weekend. Even brothers of legal drinking age will be expected to remain substance free. Violation of this policy will result in the participantís expulsion from Pi and the immediate loss of all lodging and travel privileges.

Who should attend Pi?

Each Charge is limited to one participant. Pi is intended for Theta Delts who will have an active leadership role in their Charges during the 2016 Ė 17 academic year. This does not mean that the Charge President must be the Chargeís representative for Pi, as a Charge leader may often be another brother within the fraternity. If you have any other questions about who should represent your Charge, please contact John Lowry at

Where and when is Pi?

The 2017 Preamble Institute will be held in Albany, NY, home to the Xi Triton Charge. Delegates will arrive on Friday, January 13th for a welcome dinner and orientation, followed by two full days of educational sessions. Accommodations for the three nights (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) TBA. Departure will be on Monday, January 16th (a national holiday)..

What are the costs associated with attending Pi?

PI will be free for each official delegate. Because of the strong support of our alumni through Voluntary Graduate Dues and the recent Capital Campaign, the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation has elected to sponsor the participants (please thank your alumni for supporting the Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation).

Does this include meals, lodging, and travel?

Yes, the fraternity will cover the cost of several of the meals, lodging (Friday, Saturday and Sunday night) and travel expenses for one member from each Charge.