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The 2019 Preamble Institute will be held in Richmond, VA. Delegates will arrive on Friday, January 18th for a welcome dinner and orientation, followed by two full days of educational sessions. Departure will be on Monday, January 21st (Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

The Preamble Institute (Pi) will deliver undergraduate leaders within Theta Delta Chi the unique opportunity to work with other undergraduate leaders from Charges across North America. Pi will provide participants a setting to define and improve leadership skills, to fully understand Theta Delta Chi's values and ritual, and to develop values-based plans of action for their Charges. Attending brothers will leave Pi with a stronger commitment to Theta Delta Chi and a strong network of fraternal peers to aid them in the future.

In 2005, the 129th Grand Lodge, led by PGL Robert LoParo, Alpha '87, and GSGL Adam McCready, Chi Deuteron '02, came to the decision to nurture the undergraduates' leadership growth through a centralized leadership conference. Henceforth, the Preamble Institute was born. This year's program is the 13th Preamble Institute.